Taking Sides

I have this thing for large painted walls; the more bold the colors, the more I go crazy about it. It's probably because I barely see these in Asia or at least where I'm from so every time when I travel I see walls covered in graffiti or painted in bold colors, or better yet in a really artistic way, you bet you can find Penguin and I lingering there for at least half an hour, taking photos non-stop.

Such was the case on this particular morning while we waited for our crew before heading to Bondi in Sydney. We went out of our AirBnb to grab breakfast when we came across this cool alley wall. It called out to me saying "take your outfit photos right in front of me now, come on!". I just had to obey.

Jokes aside, I feel like I have been shopping at the men's department a lot lately. Well, more than ever is the more accurate way to put it. Sometimes I feel guilty and weirded out at the same time that I would splurge more on menswear brand than on regular womenswear brands. Is it just me or are any of you guys with me on this boat? I don't know because I just find that the hype on menswear these days, particularly with those streetwear brands just draws me into that bubble and I can't get myself out, not that I want out anyway. 

Before going to Sydney, I told myself that I would lay it low in shopping this time as I already shopped a lot while I was in Jeju. But just the very day we arrived, I already broke the bank when I saw the Fenty X Puma creepers in black was still available in Footlocker and the last one in my size. It was one of those moments when you know that they were meant for you. So I went and bought it. 

It's funny because just before we went to footlocker, we went to a cosmetics store, and some of the guys we were with were quite surprised that I wasn't going gaga over the cheap make-up and skin care products. But when we got to footlocker, a sneaker store nonetheless, in less than five minutes I already knew what I was gonna get. One of the guys was so confounded he had to ask if I was really a girl.

I thought I was pretty much set with my sneaker purchase for the rest of the trip but just two days we left for Macau, we discovered this lifestyle store called Culture Kings, which carried menswear streetwear brands that aren't so easy to find in Macau nor online; it sold parody tees; those ridiculous looking printed tees but are so popular up that you'd want one no matter how silly it looked; and it also sold substitute items for those really hyped up pieces like Kanye West's Pablo merchandise and Justin Beiber's Purpose Tour Merchandise, that if you're a fan of their style, girl or guy regardless, you'd buy one anyway. Yeah, I caved. 

The first time we came to the store, I couldn't decide what to get for myself because every single item I liked was sold out in my size and so I got something for my brothers instead. But I was itching for a purchase. We were already there after all. And so we came back and the second time around, I finally found something I liked in my size.

I guess my point is, I wouldn't be as keen on buying something, anything actually, without taking much consideration of the price, as I would be if it was a common womenswear brand like say Topshop or Zara, even if I do like shopping in those stores, don't get me wrong. Do you get me on this? Or I'm the only one riding this wave? Haha.

Let me know your thoughts on streetwear brands and all the hype. Would love to know what you think!

Happy weekend, ya'll!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Adidas Originals][Jeans : Vintage, Macau Vintage Market][Cap : H&M][Sunnies : Vivant Korea][Shoes : Vans]


  1. Super cool look!! Hope you had an amazing weekend!! Love your hat and sunglasses! Xx Susanne - http://bagatyou.com

  2. Love the entire outfit looks cool and at the same time trendy your style is very unique and I like it very much take care girl


  3. Love this look, especially the hat. So cute!


  4. Everything about this just oozes cool! Love the location and your style is awesome!
    x Emily


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