The Grounds of Alexandria

Happy November, you guys! Let me just say how excited I am for my favourite month of the year. I haven't got anything cooked up for this month but because I just came back from a really good vacation, I feel so refreshed, reenergised, that I have such a positive vibe and outlook in life for this month. Plus, I also turn a year older this month of course so I don't just want to be older, but also wiser.

Anyhow, let's talk about my favourite eating spot in Sydney - The Grounds of Alexandria. The green-house like setting with the overall feel of a barnyard, complete with live animals makes the whole place so enchanting. Every single detail is on point from the signs to the menu, and to the kitchenware used for presenting the dishes. Of course the food was delicious too. Within the vicinity, you'll find three places you can order food from namely, The Grounds Cafe, The Potting Shed, and this breakfast place which I'm not sure what is it really called. On our third day in Sydney, we tried the cafe; and after coming back from Queensland, Penguin and I went back again twice, trying the Potting Shed.

Food-wise, I can't decide which place I liked better or had better dishes but in terms of presentation, I definitely like the Potting Shed better and the overall feel that you really are in a potting shed. The drinks are themed around flowers and presented in such ways too. I had a colada in an actual flower pot with a sunflower floating on it.

These were taken on or first visit and thank goodness my outfit matched. I could have worn something less girly but because that was the first time that the weather warmed down a bit since we arrived, I decided to wear something really Spring appropriate. After all, it is Spring in Australia.

Stay tuned for more travel and outfit photos guys! I still have loads and loads to sort out and share with you guys. I'm trying my best to do it as soon as possible because I'm taking off again for Manila so fingers-crossed I can have all of them sorted in two days.

Talk to you again soon!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Sammy Dress][Skirt : 3.3 Field Trip][Sunnies : Vivant, Korea][Bag : MCM][Shoes : Vans]


  1. The Grounds look lovely, I love the nature and feel of the place and your outfit just fits right in. The food look exceptional, I can't wait to see more posts on your trip. Happy New month and have a great time in Manila.
     Princess Audu 

  2. The photos are beautiful! It's such a gorgeous place! And your outfit is really pretty as well.

    Marta -

  3. It's so crazy how it's spring over there because it's fall here in America! Lovely composition here hun!

    Abby | house of akih


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