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I knew I still had lots of visuals to share with you guys from our Sydney trip but I'd just been procrastinating on sorting them all out. Finally, here they are!

This is very much delayed I know but by far my favourite set. These were from our last two days which we spent mostly at the coastal area. We drove down to Bondi after our visit to Taronga zoo early in the morning; and got there past noon, just in time for lunch at Speedos cafe. Of course, there's no going to Bondi without looking out from the view point overlooking the Instagram-famous Icebergs Club. It's such an iconic place in Sydney that Penguin and I really couldn't do without paying a visit.

Bondi is really beautiful; it's the kind of city beach that I have always imagined; full of energy and so vibrant even on a Monday afternoon. I'm convinced that I have to move to Sydney or other parts of Australia after seeing that people still have time to go to the beach on a workday. I mean, seriously, with the beach packed on a Monday afternoon, what kind of life do these people live? I want in.

Street art gets to me all the time and in Bondi, there's never too much. There's graffiti of all sorts and art installation literally in every corner. Top that off with people working out by the beachside parks or running along the boardwalk; kids learning how to surf; some teenagers filming what seems to be a Bohemian-themed project for school, and all that set against vibrant coloured cafes and whatnot. It's  such a perfect sight to see.

The rest of the day, Penguin and I explored the neighbourhood that we were staying at, Alexandria. It's also one of those hip places that we kind of always get into whenever we travel. But like every other part of Sydney except for the Central Business District, it gets really quiet by sundown because all establishments have already closed for business by then. It's not something that we're used to but I guess it does some good. For the most part, because I think that if I was a local, I'd appreciate the extra time that I get in the evenings without having to work or being bothered; some family or alone time. And because that's something that we don't really get a lot in Macau, for me, that's something I'd really like to have.

Anyway, to finally wrap up my Sydney travel diary, here's a short travel video for your viewing pleasure, filmed and edit by no other than Penguin. Remember to like and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. Until the next adventure, loves!


Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly


  1. Ahhhh this whole photo set is INCREDIBLE! I'm going to melbourne in January and this post has mad me extremely excited! The street art is nothing like graffiti it's like its all made to be in a gallery. ah looks like you had an incredible time also wish i had the life which led me to a beach on a monday afternoon ahah! beautiful post b thanks for sharing xx

  2. great view. enjoy reading ur post

    Mrs. Aa

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