Babe Alert

 No, I don't mean myself, I meant Kylie babe alert on my tee, duh! But thank you if you thought I'm a babe *wink*. Haha. Ok but seriously, I just had to cop one of the Kylie merchandise as soon as they restocked sometime back in December because the images are just so hot, I mean Kylie is hot. I don't mean to sound gay but I really just dig this girl's style so why not, right? I bought one for Penguin too because they come in regular streetwear sizes and by that I mean unisex. Besides, I've seen guys wear the stuff too, Tyga included of course, so thought to just pick one for Penguin and get in on the K bandwagon.

Anyhow, I haven't got much to update really. Macau's been quite dull all week and so has my mood been. I've been pretty much just keeping to myself these days, routinely going to work, gym, then home, and the in-between coffee sessions with the girls during lunch breaks. Penguin's been pretty busy with a big production that they have for work (which is really cool by the way), so I haven't seen much of him until today because I was sick and had to call off work and so I finally had time to just catch up with him when I felt better in the afternoon. Hopefully though, I'll have better things to say the next time we speak.

It's Friday night and I'm planning to do something a little more fun with Penguin's cousins while I wait for my parents to arrive from Korea and get started on the goodies they're brining home, haha. So I bid you goodbye and goodnight for now. Talk to you soon!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : The Kylie Shop][Skirt : Topshop][Heels : Indigo.rd][Jacket : Forever 21][Bag : Zalora]


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