I think I've been eating too much berries lately that it's manifesting in my outfits. Goes well with the gloomy weather in Macau though, don't you think?

There are days that I'm just stuck in a rut now knowing what to wear but there are also days when I dig out stuff from my closet and find old stuff going well with recently purchased stuff and a really rad outfit just happens. It's one of those days. This skirt has been sitting at the top of my closet for sometime now but I never really found a way to incorporate it into my daily outfits for work because it's just too pink. Come last weekend, I'm out of new streetwear branded tees to style with (despite the lot that I just showed you guys in my recent haul video) so I had to find other pieces to style.

Anyway, hopefully in the next coming days I'll have more outfit ideas. The stuff that I purchased online during the holidays are finally starting to arrive one by one and I'm so excited to wear them all. That's the only downside to shopping online because I hate having to wait for them, it sucks. But I haven't really got much choice since most of the pieces that I like aren't available here so what can I do right?

So yeah, nothing much else. Talk to you guys soon!

xo, Carla


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Berska][Skirt : Zalora][Jacket : Sheinside][Cap : H&M][Sneakers : Adidas]


  1. Love the color palette!


  2. Love this beautiful color tone on you!
    xo, Jane

  3. YES GIRL YES! I love the mixture of these colors (and the pink sock peeking out is the perfect detail!) I find myself stuck in a rut sometimes too - but sometimes just shopping your closet can make all the difference! This outfit is amazing - love your style :)

    Love, Lindsey

  4. This colour combination is stunning, gorgeous outfit!

  5. Love the look. So unique..

  6. Love the combo! You look amazing!

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