Last of 2016 | VLOG

Hey ya'll! Quick check in tonight with some visuals taken on one of the last few days of 2016 and a new vlog entry on my youtube channel. I promised myself I will not try to delay the video as much as possible but as a Premiere newbie, I had so much trouble exporting the sequence because I kind of started with the wrong settings so ultimately, the export settings got messed up. But anyway, you can now go ahead and watch the video wherein I documented what I pretty much did during the Christmas weekend.

Nothing much is new except that I've been doing well on my health plans so far for the first week of 2017. I've been back to the gym; been meal prepping thanks to the easy tips by FitGirls guide - yes, I'm on the January 2 challenge, if there's any FitGirl out there reading this, let's get in touch via Instagram please (@misscarlaviolet).

Oh and yes, I was pretty productive today - got to collect my mail from the post, got a haircut, went to Penguin's nephew's birthday party; filmed a shopping haul which will be up in youtube as well soon; made dinner for the  fambam - it's healthy tacos night!; uploaded my Christmas weekend vlog, and here I am doing this blog post. I did pretty well I guess. Now I have to start editing the video for that haul so yes, let me leave you for now.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, ya'll! And don't forget after you watch the video down below, give it a thumbs up, and please do subscribe if you haven't already!



Photos by Kendall Arevalo and Paulo Alfonso

[Tee: Zara][Jacket : Sammydress][Trousers and hat : Forever 21][Sneakers : Nike][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang]


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