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Remember this post where I mentioned that my mom has always been into slip dresses and that I raided her closet to steal that blue piece? Well, turns out she has one box full of it that she doesn't use any longer because she has outgrown them. I told her that I stole from her closet and she goes out right saying I didn't have to because she's willing to give said box with all its contents to me. And indeed, it was full of gems, just my luck. 

This silky lilac piece was among the lot that I liked because it's just so feminine and delicate but I knew that somehow I'll be able to mix and match it with other pieces in my closet to create a street appropriate look. Fortunately for me, the weather's just been the perfect kind of warm and cool for wearing light layers the past days. I didn't have to wait 'til summer to style this piece. Et voila, here I am once again prancing around outdoors in a sleepwear. No biggie.

In other news, it's Monday again. Time flies by so fast. Facebook isn't helping either because every morning that I check the FB app on my phone, the first thing that I see are memories from ages ago; the kind that I've almost already forgotten; like that one time we attended Penguin's cousins' 18th birthday almost 9 years ago when I was still a skinny innocent teenage girl and Penguin and I weren't event dating then. And then yesterday morning, it was a photo of Penguin and I from 6 years ago. As if I still needed reminding that we're old, not nearly a decade of dating each other, and approaching our late 20s. Why, Facebook?

This morning I got to thinking about life and stuff. I guess I planned out 2015 and 2016 so well with work and with life that it feels a little different knowing that I had nothing specific planned out for this year. It feels odd. Oh well. One of these days I'm pretty sure I'll start writing up stuff or searching for travel destinations because I know I won't be content not knowing what I want to achieve or move forward to this year. But now I'll try to distract myself - queue, ASOS. Online shopping anyone?



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Coat : B + AB][Sneakers : Fenty x Puma][Tee : Bershka][Bag : Zalora][Sunnies : Forever 21]


  1. These shots are stunning babe! xx


  2. That slip dress is really pretty!

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.blogspot.com

  3. This is a really cool slip dress.


  4. Loving the slip dress trend!



  5. Facebook has a way of making us remember but I like that though. It makes me see how far I've come and helps me reflect. As for the slip dress trend, I'm not a huge fan but I like the streestyle vibe and this pictures and location are just wow.
    Princess Audu

  6. Lucky girl to get your mom's most stylish pieces. I like the idea of having my mom pass on her clothes to me because they're all so unique, can't be found anywhere.
    Love this lilac color and really the whole look.


  7. Love your page!!! xx

    IG: @stylenomads

  8. Very beautiful photos! wonderful and stylish look!


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