Cozy Comfy Neutrals

It's way past the right time for Macau's weather to be this cool but what can I say - happy late winter, I guess? Not that I dislike the cold but there are certain expectations I had that were merely met.

Firstly, I just got back from tropical Manila and the sudden change of temperature just doesn't bode well for my current state; I'm constantly sniffing and coughing. Not that severe but would I want it to be? Of course not. Secondly, come on, it's almost March. This is the time I should and would be making way in my wardrobe for Spring essentials and wearing trans-seasonal outfits. Why cold decided to strike in full swing at this moment is beyond me. What else can I do but wrap myself up in cozy, comfy pieces.

Fortunately that's something that I like doing. On the brighter side, I've always loved having the cold weather as an excuse to wear oddly layered pieces and call it a look. Like this, this is a look.

These days, I've developed an obsession for oversized hoodies that I got myself a couple of plain ones. This white piece in particular which I got from the men's section of Forever 21 is the exact same piece and size that Penguin owns. It's funny because we almost had to argue on who's going to buy it because we both wanted it before he finally agreed that we can each buy the last two pieces instead of borrowing from each other because there was only Large sizes left and, yes, I wanted it in Large too.

Hoodies are just perfect for days when you're lazy to think about what to wear, yet they can be so cool too depending on the colour, print, or detail, like the flower embroidery in this one- major Gucci feels; and of course, how they're worn. I like wearing mine either as a dress or oversized but cropped so that it has that boxy feel.

Anyhow, stay cozy everyone!

xo, Carla


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Hoodie and Coat : Forever 21][Sneakers : Nike Lab][Beanie : Les Artists][Eyewear : 3.3 Field Trip][Clutch : MCM]


  1. Love that sweater :)

  2. Love the look, especially the rose detailing ♥


  3. Always killing it with the fashion game Carla ♥
    Love the rose embroidery on this hoodie!

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  4. Love your outfits, and i want to buy for my daughter

  5. Great styling! Love the entire look!

  6. Love the embroidery on the hoodie sleeve! Love this neutral combo.


  7. This is definitely a look, and it's a good one! I like the hoddie, the roses on it are a gorgeous detail. Adding sneakers, that coat and a beanie where great choices. You did a great combo!!

  8. Love your style! The rose detail on the hoodie does stand out!


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