Leave Me in Pink

Last day of the CNY holidays but I feel like the past days weren't enough for me to do stuff on my CNY holiday to-do list. I've already been so productive, don't get me wrong; shot a couple of outfits for style posts; worked a little bit on a project that Penguin and I have been meaning to do together for so long it's crazily way overdue already; was able to catch up with the family and Penguin's family; cleaned up my closet and donated them to Salvation Army. I mean, no time was wasted at all. But I feel like I didn't save time to pamper myself like I thought I'll be able to, plus I was also hoping I could film a new video for the youtube channel. I guess that's all left for today if I can manage. Fingers crossed. Because I won't be able to feel fulfilled come this weekend again if I'm not able to finish my checklist.

Anyway, this is one of the looks that we shot just at the start of the holidays. We had an early time off last Friday so this was what I wore to work in the morning, and then the rest of the day wandering around with Penguin. You've seen my new Y3 "Yohji Run" sneakers in the previous post, right? Have you watched the unboxing video yet? I'm just so in-love with this pair. But as much as I'd like to wear them more often, the weather in Macau is so unpredictable that I won't dare to wear them when I know I'll be out on the streets for a long time because we just never know when it will start pouring. And boy I'd hate to see them get wet or rained on. I'm anal with my shoes like that specially with investment pairs like this one. Judge all you want.

I wore them with my trusty lace up skirt; a longline top; and this really cool, suede, biker jacket in pink that I got during the Christmas holidays from Tobi. Oh, I went all out on that store because they were having a huge sale then. And to avail on that free international shipping, I got myself a pair of trousers, a skirt, a shirt dress, a jacket, and jumpsuit. One from each category, please.

Also, I'm digging retro spectacles these days. Been looking for a clear aviator glasses but so far I haven't found the perfect pair. The one I'm wearing is a little to small for my liking so I want something bigger. If you have any idea where to get one, please do share.

Anyhow back to life matters, what have you been up to lately? It's crazy how time flies. One minute we were just counting down to 2017 and now it's already February. I don't even wanna wrap my head around that thought because I'll be so busy with my full time job in the next couple of days, and the following months. Phew. Here's to more luck because I'll definitely be needing it.

Talk to ya'll again soon!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Tobi][Sneakers : Y3][Top : Missguided][Skirt : Lash][Bag : Zalora]


  1. Maaan I love this outfit!
    That jacket is bomb! :)


  2. Love this combo and hope you had a wonderful CNY! Seriously, time flies fast. Can't believe its February.

    The Mel Division | Bloglovin

  3. This skirt is so cool and stylish!! Love the pop of colour in pink, this is a great match!!

  4. This lace up skirt is so dreamy. You've got some serious style.
    Good luck in February! ❤ Radi


  5. Looking swaggy!



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