Summer Winter

Holla from Manila! Quick check in while I take a short break from  running around and getting mini heart attacks from all the mishaps this event has been having since day 1. Ugh, thank goodness I have this little corner of cyberspace to remind me that I still have a personal life, one that I love.

I miss winter. I know that Macau's winter isn't really winter "winter" but I'd take that kinda cold any day if I didn't have to live in a box that is Solaire for the whole week. Don't get me wrong, I love the property The suite that I'm staying at is beautiful. But it's sad that I don't get to fully enjoy it. But I digress, what I really miss are my jackets because even if I'm stuck in an air-conditioned room for 24 hours, all day everyday, I still can't dress the I did in these photos.

These were essentially taken the weekend before I flew to Manila. I just loved how the weather was sunny yet cold at the same time; that always gets me. I ordered a couple of stuff from ASOS, including this wrap skirt, and they arrived just the day before so I was pretty excited to wear them. You'll see the rest of them here soon for sure. I brought one piece to Manila so I hope I can take a couple of outfit photos here before I head back to Macau. Fingers crossed.

How did your weekend go? I wouldn't dare talk about mine because this post will be so much longer than it already is so please let me just hear about yours instead. I would love to know!

Talk to you again soon.



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Primark][Coat : H&M Studio][Skirt : ASOS][Bag : Zalora][Sunnies and Hat: Forever 21][Sneakers : Nike]


  1. Love pairing sneakers with a dress or skirt! Gorgeous photos :)


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