Cure for a Gloomy Day? Ocean Park Hong Kong!

Last weekend, I went to Hong Kong Ocean Park to celebrate Penguin's nephew's birthday with his family and thankfully, it didn't rain. Though still gloomy, being in a theme park made all the difference because I was with kids and the whole place was just colourful and merry so that's something to cheer up about. Not to mention I'm sort of a thrill-seeker, way more when I was younger, but that never disappeared so doing the rides was a blast. I don't know, there's just something about the weather these days that makes me feel so miserable so a change of scene, Ocean Park nonetheless was much needed.

We didn't bring a camera obviously so here are a few snaps taken with my iPhone. Can I just say how good iPhone cameras are? I was already impressed with the quality of images it can produce back when I was still using an iPhone 4 (my first ever magazine feature photo was in fact taken with that), but they're even better with the newer models. My iPhone 6s pretty much saves the day when I don't have an SLR or a decent point and shoot on hand when I do reviews or go to events or even when I just want to take outfit photos on a regular day because I liked my outfit and didn't want it to go to waste without by not taking photos of it so you know... geez, technology these days. I haven't thought about upgrading to 7 but who knows. (This isn't sponsored by the way. Just had to get it out there.)

Anyway, I know it's just Wednesday but I'm already looking forward to the weekend again already. Work is stressful. Weather is dull. Ugh, I just feel like staying in bed all day, or go on a netflix and chill mode. And that's what I'd like to do next.

What are your plans for the coming weekend? Do tell.



  1. I adore these photos1 I wouldn't have thought a theme park would be a great place to go when it's gloomy - but then again, it's in Hong Kong, and I think that'd be freaking brilliant on it's own man. I love everything about this post, ngl.

    Little Moon Elephant

  2. Wow these pictures came out amazing... I'm surprised you've used your iphone!
    Love your denim street style, super cool!

  3. Double Denim is always a good thing to behold.

    I did something similar on my blog -


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