Rainy Day Hustle

Contemplating on whether or not I should go out tonight because it's Saturday and I'm the mood to socialize over food and drinks. On the other hand, Macau's weather is making it's way back and forth to and from both ends of the spectrum that makes me think twice about going out otherwise. I'm still sick with a cold and sore throat. But to be honest, it hasn't really stopped me from doing much because dwelling on it too much is such a waste of time. Carry on, right?

Much like the time we took these photos last Sunday when it literally rained all day and my cold was just about to happen. First and only chance we got to take photos was by sundown. not ideal but then why not? After all, Penguin had the camera on hand when we went out for a quick bite at one of our favourite Ramen joint at Taipa Village. Plus, if there's one thing that I like about Macau, it's the fact that the streets are well lit at night, particularly in the tourist areas such as this. Why waste a good resource if it's already there?

Anyway, still contemplating... To go or not to go?...

What are your plans for the weekend? Do share!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Thrasher][Jacket : Macau Vintage Market][Runners : Adidas][Skirt : Zalora]


  1. This skirt is such a nice surprise with the rest of the pieces. It's different and I really like it.


  2. So in love with your outfit! So cool and so edgy !


  3. This is such a fab look! I love your skirt doll xx


  4. Awww! Hope you're feeling much better! I think a day with friends over food and drink sounds like something that could warm up the soul!

    Anyway, you look so fierce here! Love it <3


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