Skater Feels

I literally just got back home from Hong Kong, on my bed, after a long day of strolling the city streets. My cousins from the US are visiting for a while so it was my duty to sort of show them around town, or out of town should I say. It was easy enough because they're into sneakers and streetwear too so the whole day was just all about shopping and hunting down hyped up streetwear pieces where there might be.

Didn't expect how the end could turn out bad though because right now, my throat is burning AF. I've had a sore throat for a while now but I guess I've been ignoring it for too long and been mistreating it as well that it just all came back to me and now I'm suffering. Ugh, I can't talk to say the least. But swallowing is the worst because it feels like there's a huge lump that's blocking in there. I can't event drink water without putting much effort. It's bad.

Anyways, the only thing I can do right now is get some rest because tomorrow is back to hustle and bustle. But let me leave you tonight with this style set from recently.

I was so psyched to have finally found the perfect, sort of mom jeans in black. Just like the regular blue ones, I really didn't want just any kind of mom jeans but I wanted the perfect one that suits my body type. This pair is going into the roster of my current lazy uniform in rotation.

Here worn with old school Vans and leather jacket for a simple but cool skater-inspired outfit. Hit or miss? Share your thoughts down below.

Have a great week ahead, ya'll!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Sweater : Top 10 Korea][Jacket : H&M][Jeans : Pull & Bear][Sneakers : Vans][Clutch : MCM]


  1. I LOVE this skater look! Awesome styling. I need to try this look!

  2. El outfit es ideal,me encanta!!

  3. Wow! What a nice jacket and It just like a coupon

  4. i love everything about your style.

  5. Nice Motorcycle jacket is this that she had wear in it.
    My First Saving


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