No Chella Vibes

Oh you know, another year has gone by without me going to Coachella... tsk tsk... I've been wanting to go for as long as I can remember finding out about that damn festival but it's just so hard when you live half-way across the globe, you know? And even if I do have the means to travel all the way to Indio for a weekend, it's not like tickets are easy to come buy. Ugh. So yes, #nochella still.

But... That's not a reason to wear an outfit inspired by Coachella to roam around in where I am. Any excuse to dress up weirdly is welcome. I say weirdly because I'm pretty sure less than 10% of the population is this surprisingly overpopulated city will wear a belt around their necks and wear an inner-wear out. I said it that way because this lace camisole would have literally been my bra had I worn in underneath this plain white tee.

So I wore these with black trousers obviously but if I were headed to the dessert, I'd replace the trouser with something more heat-friendly like perhaps a pair shorts or skirt. Picture me in that with the giant ferris wheel as my backdrop. That's what I''m doing right now, haha.

Anyway, I've been having very sporadic mood swings lately, like one day I'd feel so happy and productive, and the next I'll be so down as if the world is on my shoulders; another day I'll be frustrated in being in this boxed little city, and the next I'll be so motivated in just doing things for myself. I mean, is that normal? I don't know. I just find it weird like today I'm feeling so positive but I don't know about tomorrow. Geez. Tell me if you've ever gone through this phase, I'd love to know how you felt and how you dealt with it.

Cheers, guys!

P.S. Counting down the days 'til Seoul! 9 days to go!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Cami, Hat and Sunnies: Forever 21][Tee : Bershka][Trousers : G2000][Sneakers : Axel Arigato][Bag : Zalora]


  1. Well, Coachella is one of my dreams too. I hope you can go next year and show us your outfits there. Have a nice day!

  2. love how you layered here!! you look amazing!


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