Throw In Everything

Some days I'd say I have nothing to wear despite having a closet overflowing full of clothes. And then there are days when I think I have too much clothes that literally want to wear them all at the same time. The day these photos were taken is one of the latter.

It was a pretty warm day, one of the pleasant ones we had a few days back when the sun was out and I actually felt that for once, proper Spring is in Macau. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to wear a dress, or two pieces paired up because almost every time that the weather is this perfect, I can't contain my excitement on planning my outfit. I wanted to wear an easy breezy dress but jeans were pretty comfortable too. I also wanted to wear this off-shoulder flared-sleeves top because it felt like the right Winter to Spring transitional piece. Like what the heck, why can't I just wear all of them. And so I did.

I know that this is a little different from my usual masculine-looking outfits so consider this as me taking a breather from that. I still do have plenty of womenswear pieces and of course I wouldn't want them to go to waste.

On anther note, happy mid-of-week you guys! I'm pretty much just waiting for Friday because we'll be off for Easter Weekend. Will you be, too? Thinking of what to do with the extra off days I got because I didn't make any getaway plans as Penguin might have to work. But can't do without being productive so... let's see.

Enjoy the rest of the week!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Sammydress][Jeans : Bershka][Dress : 3.3 Field Trip][Bag : Furla][Sunnies : Forever 21][Shoes : Zara]


  1. It looks great paired together! I love the layering going on here!

  2. Absolutely such gorgeous outfit, great combo and seems truly comfy to wear, I love it. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!



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