Common Ground

Hi ya'll! Today begins my sporadic postings as I'm currently working on an event and mostly onsite doing whatnot. I'm trying my best to still live a life outside work and that means putting in time for this corner of cyberspace too but it's proving to be rather difficult. Still, I'm being positive so here's to getting my shit together no matter what.

So, let's go back to the sweet memories of Seoul. These photos were taken at a place called Common Ground, which is a trailer park that has dining outlets and concept stores. It's actually one of the places that I really liked in Seoul because it's such a unique concept while the place is so vibrant. It also reminded me oof Boxpark in London, except that this Common Ground is bigger.

 There was a Beer Week event happening when we went so the place was packed with people from different walks of life. I'm actually surprised that Seoul is so internationalised, specially at the event where I could hear people speaking straight English here and there. It was as if we weren't in Seoul at all.

Common Ground, as I found out, is well known for being a cool photo spot. Many travel site and blogs include this in their list of places to visit, and things to do. It was almost impossible to get a photo at any of its plain blue walls without anyone getting in your shot because as soon as you get there, you see that almost everyone is trying to do the same thing. Penguin and I managed to find this spot at the back of the park where there weren't much people during the golden hour so grabbed the opportunity to get as much a shots as we could. The lighting was just perfect so I guess I could say we got lucky.

Travel note to you guys, if you visit Seoul, I would recommend to check out this place; even if you're not into hipster tings or street brands, it's really is a cool place to take photos.

Anyway, I'll leave you guys with this because I need to get a good night's rest as I'll be working long hours again tomorrow. Wish me luck, fam. I think I'm going to need lots of it.

Talk to you again soon!


[Jacket : Hey Jude][Pants : Zalora][Sneakers : Fenty x Puma][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang][Tee : Christina Paik x OkOkOk x Yeti]


  1. I love your embroidered jacket! The sleeves are so cute!


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