Modern Girl Vintage Grunge

I don't buy dresses nor wear them a lot, but when I do, I make it a point that the dress stands out; when I shop for them, I make sure they're versatile and most importantly, I can wear them with sneakers.

This dress in particular is a rare vintage find from a local vintage store (if not the only authentic vintage store we have in Macau). It didn't look so special hanging in one of the racks full of 60s looking dresses but I knew there's something special about it. The pattern and colour combination spoke to me and that's what got me to buy it eventually. Another reason that I liked it is because of it's odd length; too short to be called a maxi and a little long to be called a midi. I have really skinny calves if you haven't noticed, a little disproportioned to my huge thighs, so odd length bottoms always works for me. and this dress worked just the same. 

I originally planned on accessorizing this dress with a fedora hat which I bought with me from Macau to Seoul (yes, these photos were taken in Seoul nonetheless). But the day before, we went to Aland and Penguin found this really cute, painter hat that just transforms everything I wear into a grunge-inspired look, and I got too excited to wear it as per usual, so I did. The colour yellow went so well with the print of the dress, as if they were made to be worn together. I also braved it up in wearing creeper-sneakers with this look because let's admit it, this outfit could have gone wrong in so many ways because of the different elements combined - modern, vintage, grunge?. But I guess I pulled the look off somehow, right? I'll let you be the judge.

So like I said, these were taken in Seoul, at the famous Cheonggyecheon stream. Penguin and I took an unplanned detour and instead of taking the subway, we made our way on foot via the sidewalks along the stream from Gwangjang Market to Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I liked that the stream added some natural vibes to the otherwise very urban area of Dongdaemun. The abundance of greens makes the place very relaxing and refreshing. Walking along the stream is something that one might need after a long day roaming around the city and having too much to eat.

Speaking of eating, I'll be putting together dining spots that we went to in Seoul for ya'll to salivate upon (haha I mean for your viewing pleasure and in case you need some ideas on where and what to eat if and when you visit Seoul). So do stay tuned. For now, let me leave you with this set and hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Dress: Vintage Market Macau][Hat : Aland][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang][Sneakers : Fenty x Puma][Bag : MCM]


  1. Wow, this is such stunning outfit, I love your pretty dress, thank you for sharing, you look gorgeous!!!


  2. nice look

    Mrs. Aa


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