Grand Opening of Victoria's Secret Macau Flagship Store | #VSLovesMacao

Hey ya'll! I'm flying to Korea in a few hours but before we take off, I'd like to talk share with you some visuals from the grand opening of the new Victoria's Secret store in Macao.

A lot people forget that we did have a Victoria's Secret store already before this, in fact it's the very same one where it is now at the Venetian Macao, except that the old store was a rather small branch with only limited types of products available. This time, they expanded, making it a full-assortment store with the real VS signature products like the "Very Very Sexy" bra collection and everything else that's seen on the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (sans the wings and Million Dollar Bra, of course).

Anyway, I had the opportunity to attend the media preview a few hours before the doors officially opened to public and brought along a friend of mine, Ana. It was a fun few minutes being there, admiring all the lingeries and body-care products. I mean, gosh, I wish I have the guts to wear such sexy numbers and show them off you know, I really do. But if you know me well, I'm just the kind of girl who do not posses any kind of sexy bones in me. But I do love Victoria's Secret perfumes and some of their make up collections. In fact, a few days after the opening, Ana and I went back to shop to satisfy our girly needs. All good.

If you follow me on Instagram and my stories, you'd have seen the deets and what went down that day. Huge thanks to Victoria's Secret for the beautiful present and for letting Ana and I shop 'til we dropped (lol, I don't mean it literally, but they did give a generous allowance for shopping). Let's just say I'll be smelling like fruits and flowers all summer.

Anyhow, please do follow me on Instagram (@misscarlaviolet) if you haven't already as I'll be updating there mostly while I'm away. See you guys in Seoul!