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Let's stir things up a little bit around here with a slightly different post than usual.

I was recently introduced to a Swedish accessory brand called "Enter", and I really liked the idea behind their products having minimal aesthetic yet innovative. Case in point - this bag from one of their latest collections which I got to style for this post. I love that it's round, unique, but also serves its purpose; and I can pretty much fit every thing that I need for my day to day activities including my camera, power bank, gym stuff and all that.

In line with styling this post, I got the chance to interviewthe co-founder, Mikael Rydle and here, I'd like to share the interview in introduce the brand to you:

As a brand inspired by vintage items, how are you able to maintain the brand’s aesthetic while creating new products for the contemporary consumer?
A: We give a twist by reinterpreting classic bag shapes and silhouettes by using modern materials and to introduce a different colour palette.

What changes have you noticed regarding purchasing habits of consumers from when you just started?
A: People are more commonly shopping online these days, yet a brick and mortar store is still relevant to complete the entire experience. Who knows if consumers’ purchasing habits would change in a few years’ time with the rapid development in social media.

There’s a handful of accessories brands that may offer similar products that Enter does. What makes Enter more unique than the rest?
A: It would come down to our Scandinavian aesthetics with clean lines and subtle details. Our idea from the beginning is to create products that are timeless yet modern, nothing embellished and in your face.

Is there any specific inspiration behind the designs for the SS17 collection?
Each season we try to perfect and refine our designs and team up with like-minded creatives on exciting collaborations. It’s all about subtlety e.g. with our Research series we have incorporated watertight zippers for that durable factor without compensating on the minimal-slick vibe that we would like to be known for. 

Which is your favourite piece or key style from the SS17 collection and why?
It would be the Roll Top Backpack from our Research series for its versatility. I am able to pack everything I need for a good day whilst riding a bike to work, and still maintain to look presentable on-the-go with its timeless streamlined silhouette.

What other Asian countries do you wish to solidify your presence in and why?
We have received a great response in Japan with their appreciation of clean design, and would like to branch out to like-minded cities such as Taipei and Seoul that admire our Scandinavian aesthetics. 

For my dear Macau and Hong Kong readers, Enter products are available in the following stockists:

Holystreet.com (Online)
Kapok, G/F, HG10-12 PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


  1. Pretty outfit, I love your adorable bag, looks awesome, thank you for sharing!!!



  2. Nice bag. I love the white top as well. Will explore this brand today.

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