CP Girl

I have been wearing way too much oversize tees the past couple of weeks that I have to admit I'm running out of creative ideas in styling them. Making up for it somehow by way of odd shoe choices? I would have opted for sneakers for this look by default but I thought I'd try something. What do you know, these boots magically transformed what should have been just another comfy-cool denim, tee, plus sneakers kinda look.

Bought this pair from last season's sales at Zara and can't be happier with my decision in buying a pair of boots in the Summer. Seriously, it's hard enough to find a pair of nylon boots around here let alone a pair with just the right heels. This pair is something I can wear during day time and not have a hard time walking, doing my day to day thing. Pretty and comfy - rare to find ladies' shoes that are so just the way I like them.

Here worn a few of my favourite gems - this tee that Penguin got me from Christina Paik's collaboration merch with OkOkOk and YetiOut for ArtBasel Hong Kong this year, my all-time favourite vintage denim find, and my most recent splurge in Rome - this Gucci belt bag.

Oh speaking of splurge, I'm imposing a shopping ban on myself for clothes and shoes for 3 months starting this September. For several reasons that make complete sense but I'm not going to talk about now though perhaps on another post. I know that may not be too long to some of you but if you know me personally, that is quite a challenge already and specially because my birthday is within the 3 months period. I'll keep an honest log here so let's see if I can last that long. Want to bet if I'll last without shopping for clothes and shoes or not? Haha. Let me know in the comments below. We can make this fun!

Anyway, talk to you again soon. Happy mid of the week!


Photos by Pierre Elma