Pastel Vibes

A little break from all the travel posts with this very summer appropriate pastel-themed outfit.

I got lucky finding this tee at Guess which is from the Guess x ASAP Rocky collection as this sold out nearly everywhere. When Penguin and I went to the store few weeks ago before I left for Europe, this was sitting on one of the racks, last size, last piece. As much as I didn't want to shop for anymore new clothes, I just had to. 

Here worn with a few other must-haves (for me, at least): This pair of Air Max 97 Silver Bullet sneakers and my latest splurge in Rome, from Gucci nonetheless, this belt bag in the original GG canvas. 

Speaking of Gucci, this bag isn't my first choice to be honest. I knew I wanted a Gucci belt bag and was eyeing the Marmont Matelass√© Leather Belt Bag in red. Then I came across the Supreme shoulder bag in the original GG canvas which I really liked but the price wasn't within the budget that I had set in mind. So I decided to look for a good alternative somewhere in between what I originally wanted but in that original GG canvas. Et voila, found this old-school looking belt bag and I'm completely satisfied.

Anyhow, let's talk fanny-pack trend. Personally, I like that it's making a comeback because as a kid, I owned a couple of them and I did like wearing them a lot then. As I do now however, I prefer wearing them across my body rather than around the waist because it just looks cooler that way. It's like some kind of ninja accessory. I know that fanny-packs are usually associated with geeky tourists but whatever, I think it all depends on how you wear it and carry yourself. And that goes for anything and everything. What do you think?



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Guess x ASAP Rocky][Skirt : Mango][Shoes : Nike][Bag : Gucci][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang]