If I were at NYFW

My instagram feed is all about the fanfare and whatnot of New York Fashion Week that I got a bit inspired to create my own look I were there. You know, pretending that I'm headed to the shows, previews, fittings, and all that jazz. It's free to dream, right?

So this is one of the looks I'd probably don, but with more accessories. I had in mind to wear my blue beret with this look but it was just too hot that I had to let it go. I was sweating a lot in but I guess it worked in these photos as I looked rather tanned and oiled than, well, sweaty. And then of course I'd probably be wearing bolder than my usual hoop earrings, and if it were a bit colder because it is New York after all, I'd have a coat or jacket slung on my shoulders. You get the picture.

It's kind of that I do in fact get invitations to the smaller shows every year but I never get to attend. If you truly know where I'm based, then you know it's half-way around the world from America and as much as I'd take any jetlag for what fashion's worth, I just don't have the resources to travel that far for fashion week. So unfortunate. Every fashion season I live vicariously through the fashion bloggers that I follow and just wish, hope, dream, that one day, I too will walk be running around the streets of New York (Paris even better), for fashion week.

But you know, what really intrigues me about fashion week are not the shows that happen inside tents but those that are on the streets. I've only been to Hong Kong Fashion Week and already, the outfits are crazy. How much more absurd (I mean this in a good way) can it get when it's New York or Paris? You see all the streetstyle recaps in every online fashion magazine and social media platforms, it's just visually satisfying. I feel like even if I don't get to attend shows, just watching all the stylish and fashionable people on the streets is already a show for me. Best if I can be a part of it, you know; get snapped by streetstyle photographers, be in one of those fashion magazine reports. It's all so alluring to me. I've felt this way ever since I started blogging and still hasn't changed. Sometimes I forget but when the season comes around again, I get inspired and am reminded of why I started blogging in the first place.

Anyway, as you might notice that streetstyle during fashion week outfit is nearly always all about how much layers you can put together in one outfit while taking inspiration from different personalities or characteristics of style. My take is not nearly explainable but I like to think that I keep to my comfortable yet cool aesthetic, with a hint of streetwear by way of Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh.

Speaking of, this is my latest splurge thanks to the growingly addictive app that is Farfetch. This is not an Ad, I swear I'm not getting paid to say this but it really lives up to the idea of how it came about; its like shopping around the world at the tip of your fingers; I can be shopping from a little boutique store in Rome (this bag came from O' boutique) or a shopping mall in the UK at the comfort of my own room. I seriously have to delete this app really soon or else...

But blatant plugging aside, pretending that I really were in New York for fashion week, it was mandatory to do some walking shots; you know, like the fabulous people walking on the streets, hurrying from one show to another, doing all that fashion week hustle and bustle. I just had to picture myself in that scenario while Penguin was my streetstyle photographer getting his thing done. Haha. Like I said, a girl can dream.

Have a great week ahead you guys, and to those who are in fact in New York for fashion week, I'm jealous but I'll just have to live through you guys. Have fun for the both of us then!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top and Boots : Zara][Skirt : 3.3 Field Trip][Sunnies : GU][Bag : Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh]


  1. I wish I could attend NYFW as well but at least I go to the one in my country which isn't that bad. I love those booties, they're so cute and I love that whole shirt underneath a top thing, you did it wonderfully.

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.com


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