Montenegro iPhone Diary

Allow me this one last time to reminisce on my recent visit to Montenegro. I know it was for work as I repeatedly mentioned in previous posts or over Instagram but I can't help think that well, if it wasn't for work, I wouldn't be there in the first place and heck, I'll never have thought of going there if it was for a personal trip so yes, never too late too admit that I had fun too.

This set of visuals were essentially taken with my iPhone in between running around getting actual work done. Chezka and I couldn't help but take hundreds of photos every day even with just our phones because the view, the scenery, the surrounding, the hotel, everything around us were just picture-perfect. I also made it a point to plan out my work outfits because, you know, we just never know when and where we'll have that little window of opportunity to take a nice photo during work hours.

In our short stay, Chezka and I managed to become somehow friends with the local waitstaff at our favourite restaurant by the beach called Langust. They were the friendliest and most attentive waitstaff I'd met in my life, no kidding, and every single time we dined-in, Chezka and I were in for a surprise. One time when we were feeling burnt out, Mr. congeniality gave us each the biggest slice of delicious cakes on the house after a hearty meal. It might sound so shallow but that really made our day. The next time we went, the cake was outdone by a larger portion and additional ice-cream on the side. It's like he can read our emotions and just know exactly how to cheer us up like a gold old grandpa that you've always wanted.  I can sum it up that if he represents majority of truly local Montenegrin then I love them all and would consider moving to Montenegro.

One of the highlights of this trip of course was getting to see Sveti Stefan. I honestly never thought that I'd be able to visit this gorgeous of a place in my lifetime simply because Montenegro isn't on my list of "must-visit" countries. The glorious occasional perks that I get from my job is in fact something that I do really appreciate while I dislike it 90% of the time. This time though, that appreciation escalated to whole new level because this place right here is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. My only regret is not coming here with Penguin nor my family. But still, I'm super glad.

Anyway, I compiled a short video for you all. It's not something like my usual travel VLOGs but I wanted to show you guys more than just still images from this trip. Watch the full video below or head to my Youtube channel. And of course as always, if you haven't already, do subscribe and give all my videos a thumbs up if you will (please). Thank you.



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