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Hello from Jeju! Currently typing away at midnight literally just after getting back to our hotel room and finishing today's work. But considering we finish always a bit later than this, I'm taking the extra time to just check in and share a bit of visuals.

I take a couple of minutes every morning to explore a little bit of the neighbourhood before starting work. Seriously making these visuals happen is hard but a girl's gotta do what she gotta do when in foreign country, you know. Take lots and lots of travel photos whatever it takes (even it meant waking up early despite sleeping in late).

So this is the area we're staying at, Yoendong, which, luckily for me or unluckily for my bank account, is a well-known shopping district in the island. Sure enough, we're lined up with rows and rows of stores and boutiques the moment we step out of our hotel. Just at the corner of the hotel we're staying at is the MCM flagship store in Jeju - can you imagine how I feel like peeping through the window every single day I come into the hotel? I love MCM in case you guys haven't noticed, and if you're not familiar with the brand, well let me at least tell you that South Korea is where you can possibly buy MCM for the lowest price. So yes, me wishing I can every MCM product that I like while I'm here.

Then across the road is a huge Duty Free department store which, at 10AM, is already packed with shoppers (mostly Chinese), buying what else Korea is known for - beauty products. We went to check it out this morning and just decided we couldn't deal with the crown. The queue at the cashier was crazy long.

A few blocks down from our hotel is the Main Street where most of the International, well-known Korean brands, and local boutiques are aligned. Here you'll find shoe stores like ABC Mart, Foot Locker, brands such as Adidas, Fila, Korean brands like TopTen, and beauty skin care brands such as Nature Republic and the Saem to name a few.

I haven't done any shopping but pray tomorrow I might be able to since we're starting work a little later than usual. I already have a metal list of which shops I'd like to check out when I get the chance, and also have an idea of what things I want to buy so let's see how it'll turn out. After all, it's payday tomorrow so all the more reason to make it rain... tsk tsk.

Anyhow, that's all I have for now. There's really nothing much to do around this area except shop and eat. While I did most of the eating the last time that  I was here for work, this time I've been eating less outside, more at the venue, but what I really want to do this time around just before we head back to Macau is visit the more natural side of Jeju; the real island like the volcanic rocks or the flower fields. If the weather is good this weekend, pray it doesn't rain, then there's a good chance I'll be able to do that. But otherwise, I'll have nothing but just more visuals of shops and food to share with you guys. Still, hoping for the best.

Happy early weekend, ya'll. Talk to you again soon!


Photos by Yours Truly


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