Dubrovnik iPhone Diary + VLOG

Never really got the chance to post photos from Dubrovnik taken with my iPhone so here I am only remembering to finally share them here. You'd seen some of these if you're an Instagram follower of mine but if not then enjoy all the same.

I'm low-key missing my tan and life by the Adriatic sea - just chilling by the beach on the rocks all day long, walking around in bikinis without make-up on, hair all damp and messy, not a care in the world who gets to see me stripped (not literally but you get what I mean). And these terracotta rooftops I mean gosh, who wouldn't miss waking up to this view? I miss waking up and opening our little window and seeing our next-door neighbours in the Old Town Apartments at the Old City, having coffee by the stairs; walking down towards the Stari Grad to be welcomed by the hustle and bustle of tourists trying to beat each other to the most photographed spots of the old town; the endless chatter of people from the early hours of the day until the dawn of night and the scene is just as vibrant as it is during daylight; the laid-back and naturally flirty locals who would casually chat you up about your day or their day like you know each other.

Sigh. I won't say anything further as it just makes me want to go back and do the whole weekend in Dubrovnik allover again. I'll just let the photos do the talking (scroll 'til the end!)

...And yes, again I completely forgot that I actually made a short travel video for this trip - not necessarily a VLOG because I didn't talk at all but yes, a short compilation of clips from the trip. Watch it below or head over to my youtube channel

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Talk to you again soon!


  1. great view and nice looks..

    Mrs. Aa


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