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Anyeong, homies! I'm back in Macau but still catching up on some sleep and some cleaning so haven't really had time to share more of the photos I took in Jeju but here they are finally!

Honestly, there wasn't much new things to see in Jeju that I hadn't already seen last year. Since the trip was for work, we literally stayed at the same area that we did last year; same hotel, same event, same everything. We even ate at the same restaurants and the same food. I ain't complaining about the food though. I wasn't into Korean food until visting Jeju last year that I fell in-love. Now I can eat bibimbap all day, which I kind of did since it was one of the only good options that the venue served while working. But outside of work, my colleagues and I got to eat the really good local stuff like Korean BBQ and what I will come back for in Jeju if ever, seafood. Fresh, grilled, savoury seafood!

If you follow my insta-stories, you'd think all I ever did in Jeju was eat. Well, that's about right. Jeju has plenty of dining options from cute cafes to specialty restaurants to dessert bars. I like to think we were able to try them all but unfortunately, there's too much options and too little time.

My daily routine would consist of going out for a walk in the mornings, grabbing a cup of coffee from one of the local coffee chains; snap a few photos, before heading back to our hotel room and get ready for work. Work starts at around lunch time at which by then I'm already hungry and ready to grab a bite. That would usually be a pot of bibimbap, fried rice omelet, or beef soup with fried dumplings on the side. That meal would last me until early dinner time at which point I'd choose from the same options again then resume work. By close to midnight, we'll be done working and that's when we head out to grab some real dinner - Korean fried chicken, barbecue, or fresh seafood. That would go on for the rest of our stay.

Anyhow, there really isn't much to share besides the food. I was hoping we'd be able to visit the countryside this time around but again, we're short in time to do anything else besides work and eat. So be it. If I ever find myself in Jeju again next time, I'll try to visit the more well-known areas like the volcanic rocks. For now, I leave you with these visuals and a travel VLOG that's coming up really soon so stay tuned!


  1. I looooooove the last pic with that contrast yellow, red


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