Night Owl

Taking photos at night can either result into something disastrous or downright cool, and I think this set was the latter. Penguin's got a few tricks up his sleeves when it comes to low-light photography and I played around creating a few Lightroom filters to set the mood et voila, something new inspired by the old.

I like how these Fila sneakers go with a lot of outfits, surprisingly, because they are such a bulky pair and the silhouette isn't something easy to wear with just about anything - or so I thought. In fact, they have proven to be quite versatile. Perhaps and upgrade to Balenciaga or Raf Simons is in order soon? Hmm.

On a more personal note, life's been slow but simultaneously fast these days (if that make sense at all). I mean, slow in a way that I can't wait for December and just be done with all the work drama; fast in a way that there's so much going on at work I don't have time to stop and enjoy event just the simple pleasures of life. I feel like a machine programmed to just work, work, work, and work. Ugh. I dunno. Next weekend, I turn another year older but I'm not even excited to think about what that means for me; I feel like I've lost my passion for anything, and it's hard to admit but even for this little piece of cyberspace that I call my own, I'm slowly losing my grip. But don't fret, I won't stop close down this blog just because. I'll still be here, just bear with my rants once in a while.

Anyhow, enjoy the weekend ya'll!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Sneakers : Fila]][Bag : Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh][Jeans : Dr. Denim Jeans][Top : Zara][Specs : ASOS]


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