Sock it up | Teva

One of the trends I thought I'd never be able to pull off is the socks and sandals trend. I had always thought of this as funny-looking but actually, given the right pair of sandals and socks, it doesn't look funny at all, if not even really really cool.

I went in for the challenge and partnered with Teva to style this pair of Original Universal Puff sandals with a pair of socks. I was going for a fall transition look but sadly, it's still hot AF where I am so I went for casual yet cool instead and left the sandals and socks and the rest of my accessories do the talking. They key was choosing the right pair and safe as can be, I chose a black pair because I knew they'd be easy to style all year round regardless of what season. And then I chose a really funky pair of socks to spice the sandals up. Let's just say I'm basic with a side of "extra" and that's what I'm calling this whole look.

Anyway, I really like how this look turned out so I think I'll be stocking up on a few more pairs of colourful socks to style these sandals with when the cooler season comes. For now, I'll be wearing them as they are.


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Sandals : Teva][Jeans : Dr. Denim Jeans][Tee : Berhska][Socks : Mini Cream][Sunnies : GU][Belt: Ader Error][Bag : Gucci][Beret : 3.3 Field Trip]