Retro Jeans

Really lacking commitment to posting these days, aren't I? In my defense, I really just have no time these days what with my work schedule and Penguin's work schedule and all these events happening. Sigh. But anyway, won't dwell on this too much, I have a few archived photos up my sleeves that I haven't really showed you guys so here's a collection of two looks wearing my favorite retro jeans.

This pair is such a gem and I'm so happy that I found it at our local "vintage market" a few years back. any kind of look that I try to create with this pair always, always, turns out coolly in that 80s kind of vibe. 

Off-camera (read: when I'm not purposely dressed up to shoot for a style post), I actually always wear this pair for casual walks around town like when having dinner or off to the groceries. They're so easy to thrown on with a tee or a cropped top, and they look best when paired with white trainers obviously because, you know, classic.

Anyway, I think I've mentioned this a gazillion times already that November is a really busy month for me at work so pray I survive. But I can't wait to get back to creating for content for this corner of cyberspace I so many ideas of things that I want to share with you guys. I feel so disappointed that whenever I really get the inspiration and ideas to create something, it's always that time when I'm busy at work or with adult life responsibilities. I truly wish I can just blog for a living but yeah, not in this part of the world, not yet at least.

Anyway, again until my next. Hopefully I can check in sooner.