What I bought in Seoul | Shopping Haul VIDEO

Holla homies! We're switching things up a little bit on this blog with some new things that I'd like to talk more about instead of the usual outfit and travel posts. I know I've been busy lately but I'm committed to not giving up on my beloved space right here so I tried to find time to film a simple VLOG for you guys. Because, you know, passion. This is the only place I can truly express myself and make me happy so why stop, right?

So this video is another shopping haul, but this time everything that I picked up from my recent trip to Seoul. As you know, I was just there less than two weeks ago for work so while there, couldn't help but shop. I mean who doesn't go shopping in Seoul, right?

Surprisingly though, even for me, I actually did the most cliche thing and went all out cosmetics shopping instead of the usual streetwear apparel one from where I stand would ideally buy. Surprise!

Do watch the video below or head to my youtube channel to see what I got and if you haven't already, please do subscribe and give it a thumbs up.

Talk to you again soon. Cheers!