Denim and Leather

macau fashion blogger wearing denim and leather jacket

Hello from Manila! And nope, these were not taken here where I currently am camping in my tiny apartment with Penguin. We're here for his cousin's wedding and will remain until after Christmas so it's a pretty long tropical escapade which I can't say I ain't happy about but I heard that it's currently freezing in Macau with 9 degrees celsius and I'm missing out so let me post this outfit where I'm more than obliged to wear on a cooler day.

Let's talk about how cool this jacket is like, how rad are those uber long sleeves? Not to mention denim and leather in one, whoever thought about combining these two fabrics into one carefully thought-about silhouette is pure genius. I'm seriously digging the boxy with a hint of cowboy kind of appeal that this jacket has.

But I have to say though, these aren't the most practical thing to wear. If anything, I can't hold on to anything wearing this jacket because simply my arms were swallowed whole. But I love it nonetheless. After all, fashion sometimes do not make sense at all. 

macau fashion blogger wearing denim and leather jacket
macau fashion blogger wearing air jordan royal blue
macau fashion blogger wearing air jordan royal blue
macau fashion blogger wearing furla bag
macau fashion blogger wearing air jordan royal blue

So I wore it with a basic white tee, knitted wrap skirt because it was supposed to be cold that day hence knitted but because fashion, the skirt had an impractical long-slit anyway, and my equally dope pair of Air Jordan 1s Royal Blue - another impractical purchase. Sometimes I question my priorities too but fashion always wins you know. Don't pretend that never happens, come on you guys gotta admit it too.

Anyway jokes aside, I'm having a hard time to get a decent internet connection out here so even though I wanted to post this outfit yesterday, I just had to wait until I could. It's rather difficult to stay up-to-date on IG stories too so bear with me but you might have to deal with a lot of #latergram from me when I get back so consider this a warning. 

Meanwhile, I'll start editing the clips that I filmed during the past 2 days since we arrived because I'll be vlogging this whole trip it'll be an excruciating process if I don't get started editing early on so let me get to it. Can't wait to share with you guys so do stay tuned on my youtube channel!

Talk to you again soon!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket and sunnies: FF Studio][Skirt : Asos][Sneakers : Jordan][Bag : Furla]


  1. So amazing skirt!! I love the sporty vibes you gave to this outfit. You look amazing!

  2. nice look

    Mrs. Aa


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