macau lifestyle blogger collaboration post with HiSmile

After months of preparation bringing so much drama and chaos at work, I can now say that the worse is over that I can finally smile. Hi, smile!
The lovely folks at HiSmile were kind enough to send me a kit of their teeth whitening products which came in two weeks ago, and while I haven't had the chance to really go through with the process (it takes at least 6 days), I just have to say that they couldn't have come at a more perfect timing in bringing back the smile on my face!

Now, I don't always smile not because I'm a total bitch. On the contrary, I'm actually a very nice person, so much so that when I tell my colleagues I don't always say yes to what everybody wants, they need a little more convincing. The truth is I don't smile often in photos because I grew up having crooked teeth (I've had braces twice but my teeth still aren't straight enough), so I've gotten used to just doing a straight face or smiling but without showing my teeth.

Now that I have more free time since the biggest project of the year at work is over, I can finally go through the whole teeth whitening process and show you the results, and well, you know you might see me smile a little more than usual. I feel like sometimes we all just need a little boost in confidence that even if my teeth are still slightly crooked, if they're whiter than usual, I'd be inclined to smile more than usual. 

macau lifestyle blogger collaboration post with HiSmile
macau lifestyle blogger collaboration post with HiSmile
macau lifestyle blogger collaboration post with HiSmile

I'll start the whole whitening process today and will commit to using it for 6 consecutive days as recommended so will let you guys know the results and what I think about the product. I've heard a lot of good reviews we'll see if people are telling the truth or everything's just social media marketing. In the meantime, just keep smiling!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Hoodie : Forever 21][Skirt : 3.3. Field Trip][Sneakers : Fila][Sunnies : GU][Bag : StyleNanda]


  1. Congrats on your finished work! It's nice to have some free time. I like your skirt and the sporty way you have styled it. Keep on doing this great work!


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