macau fashion blogger outfit post in bulacan, philippines

And just like that, the vacation's over and I'm back in Macau. Thank goodness it's only two days 'til New Year weekend.

Gosh, why does it always feel like you need another vacation after you just came from a vacation? Coming home from a trip is always exhausting specially if you came from the Philippines. I just realised that for most of our stay in Manila, we were in the middle of the road, either stuck in traffic or in transit to places that take hours to get to. To think that Manila isn't that big compared to other major cities that Penguin and I have been to, where we usually get around on foot or commute and takes us just minutes to get from one place to another, and yet we can't do the same in Manila puzzles me. 

Take the day these photos were taken, for example. we arrived the night before, supposedly before midnight. Flight got delayed an hour; airport was packed; queues were moving real slow; we ended up in my condo unit five hours later, to hours past midnight. That's not so bad if we didn't have to wake up at 5 in the morning to leave for Bulacan. But why are we leaving that early you might ask? Why to avoid traffic, of course. Because anything you plan to do in Manila, you'll always have to factor in and consider traffic. It's a lifestyle.

I'm not complaining because I've already had my mind set for that kind of disappointment. But it amazes me how people are able to function where everything moves really slow. his whole trip was fun but not gunna lie, it was also truly exhausting.

macau fashion blogger outfit post in bulacan, philippines
macau fashion blogger outfit post in bulacan, philippines
macau fashion blogger outfit post in bulacan, philippines

Anyhow, it feels great to be back in Macau and take spend these last few days of 2017 with my family and myself. No big parties and fancy celebrations, I just want a few quiet days to myself to reflect. And perhaps do some house chores because I left my room in a state of chaos before heading to Manila; A mountain of clothes waiting to be washed, my closet looking like an ukay-ukay stall, books and shoeboxes waiting to be dusted off - more than enough to keep me occupied before 2017 comes to an end.

So I'll leave you for now but will talk to you again one last time before 2018. Enjoy these last few days of 2017, you guys! Make it count.



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Overalls : Dr. Denim Jeans][Sneakers : Reebok][Shirt : Forever 21]


  1. Merry Christmas!! I hope you are spending a great time. I love how you styled this overall. You look great!

  2. I can totally relate. I was in Manila a couple of years ago for work and oh the traffic and the crowd. But most of all the heat. Love Manila though 😊


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