Manila VLOG Part I + Smile Feature

macau fashion blogger behind the scenes of Smile magazine shoot

Hi ya'll! I'm excited to finally share with ya'll the first part of my Manila VLOG on the youtube channel! Go on and click on this link or scroll to the very end of this post to watch the full video.

Meanwhile, I have another exciting news to share with ya'll - if you remember this BTS that I posted a few weeks ago and I said I couldn't share with you just yet what is it for... well, cat's out of the bag! The photoshoot was for Cebu Pacific's in-flight magazine, Smile!  I'm so thrilled and thankful to be featured in the magazine particularly because Cebu Pacific is a Philippine-based airline. Above the amount of exposure this gets, I'm excited to be seen in this feature by so many kababayans and that's what I'm truly excited about. Huge thanks to Sally Victoria Benson for the pitch, Calvin Sit for being an amazing photographer and didn't make me feel super awkward during the shoot, and of course my Penguin dearest for being super supportive in taking these BTS shots for me to share with you guys.

So any of you guys taking any Cebu Pacific flight this month, make sure to grab a copy of the issue and check your girl out on page 46. In the feature, I share my points on how to keep your style (at least how I do it) looking fresh all the time.

macau fashion blogger on smile magazine

Now, back to the VLOG, here's the full video and show some love by clicking on the thumbs up button! And if you haven't already, please do subscribe to my channel, I'll be uploading videos regularly now, weekly if not every other week or so.

Enjoy and have a great weekend ya'll!!!