Plaid Clad

macau fashion blogger wearing plaid outfits

Happy New Year,  you guys!

Gosh, the last few days of 2017 was a bit emotional for me though I doubt anyone in my circle ever noticed. I've been bottling up my feelings about where I currently am in my life but I've come to realize that it's all in my head and the way I see myself is different with the way others look at me. I was being hard on myself, was judging and comparing myself with everyone else around me, so much so that I felt I've lost my confidence for a second. But again, that's just me.

This year, I just want to let go of all the negative feelings and thoughts that 2017 instilled in me; it's all about good vibes and just focusing on the positive side of life. And to prove that, I've taken the first step by quitting my job. It's not the easiest decision, trust me; my job gives me financial security and it's also one of the reasons I get to travel often and how I'm able to afford my current lifestyle. But it's toxic so even though I know I'll be giving up all that, I just know it'll be for the better. I'm taking a risk and honestly, it feels really good.

New Year's resolution? I didn't write up any. All my life I've always planned my next step because I'm always trying to be practical and safe, and sometimes it led me to disappointment so I thought why set myself up for expectations that aren't guaranteed to be fulfilled? So no expectations this time around.

macau fashion blogger wearing plaid outfits

Anyway, let's not get too carried away with my personal life. Let's just talk about how I'm currently obsessed with plaid prints of all sorts.

Never thought I'd be so into plaid that I kind of just lived in them last month - different outfit combinations, with 4 pieces on rotation. The new addition is this Burberry-esque long-sleeve shirt which I got from FF Studio (which reminds me, I haven't got around to editing the Haul Video I'm doing for the YT Channel; note to self, must do ASAP). My second batch of order came while I was in the Philippines so when I got back and found them, I just had to wear the first item I had added into my shopping cart and that is this shirt.

I feel like a lot of designer brands are trying to tap into the high-street/streetwear consumers by bringing back classic prints and styles that were popular back in the 90s or early 2000s. And I'm so into it. The classic Burberry print becoming a thing is something I anticipate and I just want to start wearing it before it becomes mass uniform. So here we are.

macau fashion blogger wearing plaid outfits

The other plaid shirt is also from FF Studio, from my first batch of order. What I love about it is the combination of two colors; not your typical plaid shirt. Purposely ordered an oversize fit because you know, everything is just cooler when they're bigger.

Seriously though, will be plaid clad for the rest of the month.

Hope ya'll have a fruitful 2018; more blessings, more productive, more positive vibes!


Photos by Pierre Elma shot on iPhone


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