Rising Lotus Active Wear

Rising Lotus Activewear

Coming back from the holidays, I find it hard to get back to my workout routine and healthy eating habits. I realised that I've gained back so much of the excess flab that I already lost from my hard work last year and it feels like I have to start all over again. This month I decided to cut on carbs. Few days in I was doing so well. But a few evening gatherings with friends and I caved; there goes my efforts. It's a constant struggle specially since I love to eat carbs.

To some it's a failure. But I'm happy that I've learned to accept that there's no such thing as perfect. As long as you're doing something about it, you make progress, and every single step counts. Ever heard of the saying "love the body you have while working on the body you want"?. That's the phrase that I tell myself every time I fall out of my routine. I have come to love my body but I'll still continue working on improving it.

Rising Lotus Activewear

Stretching in Rising Lotus Activewear

Now getting back on track, sometimes we just need a little motivation or inspiration to get us started and mine usually comes in a form of workout clothes. This is true when I just started my membership at the gym two years ago. I shopped with my gym buddy at Forever 21 sport, spent so much that we forced ourselves to go to gym and use all the workout gears that we bought because we didn't want our money to go to waste. That's how we became gym rats (because at some point we were at the gym for almost literally like every day).

This time around, I have Rising Lotus to thank for, for sending over this pair of sports bra and leggings. The very next day after shooting this look, I put them on again with some trainers on, hit the local park and did a few rounds of jogging. It's a start, ok. It's a start.

Meanwhile, I'm loving the design of this sports bra - not the kind of silhouette that I usually see in sports bras. I was telling Penguin that in the long run, I'd probably use it more as a bikini top for swimming than working out (but hey, swimming is also working out so that counts). This set is called Warrior, presumably because of the ethnic line work print, and the set comes in two different colour - white and blue. I'm obviously wearing the blue set. 

Rising Lotus Activewear

Rising Lotus Activewear

Running in Rising Lotus Activewear

Stretching in Rising Lotus Activewear

If you haven't heard of Rising Lotus already, it's an athleisure brand based in Hong Kong and was founded in 2016. It offers a wide variety of clothing items from activewear to intimates. The set I'm wearing is from it's latest collection - the Bohemian Collection, also my personal favourite because of the prints. I rarely see printed sportswear you see - they are either in plain, dark colours like black and navy, or they're either multi-coloured in neon. 

I also like that the brand's mantra revolves around not only looking good but also feeling good. It says a lot about how they design and produce their products with all body-types in mind.

Running in Rising Lotus Activewear

Climbing in Rising Lotus Activewear

If you're in need of some workout gear to get you motivated staying active, or if you already are and just need stylish yet functional sports wear, go and check out Rising Lotus website.

Signing off for now while mentally scheduling my next running and exercise session. Stay healthy and fit, guys!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Sports bra and Leggings : Rising Lotus][Jacket and Trainers : Adidas]


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