Denims and Leather | My Kinda Basics

Given I wear this combination so often that I can put together an outfit in the same formula, that being semi-cropped high-waisted bottoms, a basic top, and oversize jacket, at any given time even asleep, I now consider this my kind of basic. Well, I guess to some it does look overly basic, the white jeans, black leather, blue denims and all.

But, it's safe to say that I have, at a point in my entire blogging life, finally developed my personal style, albeit I will always evolve, following suitable trends and adapting to new surroundings with whatever resources I have at the time. As always and I'm come to prove myself, comfort is key, and where I'm comfortably stylish is all that matters.

That being said, I cannot stress how much purging and rearranging one's closet makes such a huge impact in one's life. For once these past few weeks, I don't ever hear myself saying I have nothing to wear, unlike the many phases I've gone through in my journey to personal style discovery. Getting rid of the pieces that I do not need nor do go with my style now not only gave me more closet space for new items but also helped me re-evaluate my priorities as to how much money I have been spending on things that I thought were "cute" or "trendy" or just because they were on sale, but ended up collecting dust at the back of my closet. Now that I only keep the items that I actually wear and adore, consequently realising that they are all aesthetically very similar, I can think of a hundred ways to mix and match and create outfits that I can say truly my style.

Take it from me ya'll, as I'm sure there's plenty of other people will tell you this as well but, purging your closet can be so much better than sale shopping. You'll be surprised what gems are hiding behind that you've completely forgotten about. Try it sometimes!

As for this look, well, like I said it's pretty basic so nothing much to talk about. Except that I do have to mention, in my video on the youtube channel this week, I did a haul on all my cheap finds from the Chinese New Year Sale (talk about being a hypocrite - I just preached all about purging your closet then here I am promoting a video of my sale shopping, haha... but I've got an explanation for that so just go and watch the video). Anyway, as I was saying, this pair of white jeans is one of the items that was in the haul and I mentioned this post going up here before or after the video went live. If you watched the video, here we are, this is the style post that I was talking about. But if you haven't watched the video, well now's the perfect time to do so, right? Head to my youtube channel now and let's get watching!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Lash][Jacket : FF Studio][Jeans : GU][Bag: Gucci]