Rusty in Corduroy Trousers and Boxy Denim Jacket

Going all rusty today in my all time favourite Stussy denim jacket, corduroy trousers which I've shown in my last haul video (if you haven't watched it yet, head over to my youtube channel to watch). Mind you, I did not plan on shooting in front of this backdrop but Penguin and I came across this square and thought my outfit matched so here we are.

It's funny because we're always around in this area but never really paid attention to the little details that makes up the charm of old Taipa; the rustic doors where you can literally peep through to the lives of the inhabitants of these little Macanese houses. When you clear your mind, I guess you also allow yourself to see past the normality of things and appreciate everything including little details that you never noticed in the first place.

Anyway, on life matters, I have been really obsessed about home decors lately so I've taken it upon myself to redecorate our house. It's going to be one hell of a task I tell you because our place is piled up with all of my mom's hoarded items throughout the years I don't even know what from what year. I betcha I'll score some rad items from her boxes of unused clothes that can even pass off as vintage so.. you know, still a win for me. 

But there's more to this than just finding gems from my mom's stuff. I feel like I've been spending so much time on the internet lately that I need to distract myself with some physical tasks. Besides, if ever I am able to fully fix the place up and make it look halfway presentable to the internet, you know like those you see on pinterest, that means more filming space for me; i can venture out of my room so another win.

So that's my update for today. Stay tuned on my channel you guys, I cooked up new videos and are scheduled to go up before this weekend!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Forever 21][Jacket : Stussy][Trousers : GU][Sneakers : Nikelab][Bag : Stlyenanda]


  1. love this look

    visit mine?
    Mrs. Aa

  2. Getting vintage pieces from your mom is always the best! It's like finding little treasures and they are free. =) Love this look!!

    The Mel Division


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