Samurai Vibes in Blazer Dress and Sparkly Boots

My take on a modern samurai look naturally consists of over-the-knee high boots for bottoms sans trousers, glittering might I add, though my bum's full exposure-proof so not to worry dears - I'm wearing uber short shorts underneath this plaid blazer cinched with two layers of what seems to be considered by @fengfan_x belts.

I happen to stumble across this monstrosity of a blazer on the FF Studio site one taobao-browsing kind of morning and thought it would be a good addition to my collection of inappropriate office-wear consisting of possibly all kinds of oversized outerwear so decided to cash it in. Alas, my love for all things oversized bit me back when this came more upsized than I bargained for. No matter, size won't stop from me from wearing it nonetheless and given it comes with a layered belt that reminds you of the kind the Japanese wear over kimonos, then I say we have ourselves a dress.

The sparkly boots is a gem I bought off Zara for a fraction of its original price in my recent Chinese New Year sale shopping spree. You won't hear the end of my this CNY shopping spree pretty much until the next seasonal sale comes along and I'm drowning in credit card debts so suck it in while I rub it in your face. Ok, I'm kidding. Half-kidding.

Moving on, I wore this last weekend for a quick bite of brunch with Pierre. Then I headed back home and did house chores. Not in this outfit obviously so yes, occasionally I get a little extra extra, fancifying myself for brunch and all. I'd wear this to the groceries too, you know. Just to put my point across.

Onto shameless plugging, I did a poll on my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago asking whether I should style sneakers or jackets for my very first styling look book video and votes went for sneakers so I shot and edited the film and here we are finally, the video is up on my youtube channel! If you haven't seen yet, now's the perfect time to do so by clicking this link

In the video, I covered 6 different types of basic sneakers and, you just read it here, those are actually my go-to sneakers or the pairs that I usually often wear, namely: low-tops, high-tops, creepers, slip-ons, basketball, and runners. I If you're been a long-time devotee of this blog, I'm sure you've seen all of those pairs already but go ahead and watch the video still. It's always different seeing items styled in stills and in moving pictures and personally, the reason I'm doing more videos these days is because I find them more engaging, interesting, and more realistic where you get to see more of the subject's personality.

I hope you guys like it, give it a thumbs up if you do, and don't forget to subscribe. Also, leave comments if you have any items in mind that you'd like for me to style in my next styling video.

Cheers and Happy Lunar New Year!!!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Blazer : FF Studio][Boots : Zara][Tee : Pleasures]


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