Vintage Camo Trousers the Anti-Fashion Way

Turn up the heat Macau, I am definitely ready for thinner layers. Just, not too much 'cos you know, I'm not ready to retire my jackets and trousers just yet.

Presenting you with my latest vintage find online from ASOS no less, this camouflage trousers. I have been wanting to own a pair of camo trousers for so long now but most of the ones that I saw in Seoul, online, and  the stores that I frequent are the likes that hypebaes of Instagram wear very so often in shades of grey, pink, blue, and you know, with barely there tops, stiletto calf boots, and matching overly made up face. Hey, don't get me wrong, I like those looks. I just don't have the body nor make-up skills to replicate them. Plus, I didn't want to buy just another trendy piece that will, sooner than later, be thrown to the back of my closet to collect dust.

This pair, however, spoke to me, and the reasons I like it are: they're understated; the color combination is in fact muted; and they are oversized much like how I want most of my clothes to fit. Guaranteed, they're tricky to wear given that I don't have an uber flat stomach that I wish I did so that I can style these babies up with hang-in tops in that 90s hiphop kind of vibe, but there's still plenty of ways I can think of wearing them, one being this look.

I was gearing towards the anti-fashion side of the style spectrum hence the bucket hat that's considered unfashionable to untrained eyes; and mustard denim jacket 'cos why would you wear yellow with all sorts of green? But you know, it's all about pulling through.

Anyway, sorry for being a bit spammy these days but my lack of a full time job has resulted into 80% of my time just coming up with outfit ideas, shooting, filming, editing, and I'm suddenly overloaded with content for my most active platforms - this blog, Instagram, and youtube. I have about 6 style entries, 1 lifestyle, and a few reminder posts drafted right now and struggling to have them all scheduled and go live at the right time. I might have to take a break from shooting and filming in the next couple of days before it gets out of hand.

That being said, I leave you for now as I finish up editing the video that's scheduled to go up on the YT channel this week; then get started on the February portion of my monthly VLOG and Lookbook series. 

Everyday's a hustle ya'll, with or without a full-time job, so stay busy!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Trousers : Milk It Vintage][Jacket : Market A][Bag : Gucci][Hat : 3.3. Field Trip][Top : Nava][Sunnies : GU]


  1. I like the way you styled the trousers, very relaxed!

    The Style Collector


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