The fashionable yet impractical H&M Studio coat

Here we are blessed with the perfect weather for a stupid coat. I might have mentioned this in an entry somewhere why I call it stupid but in case you weren't and OG reader and just happen to stumble upon this corner of cyberspace, then I might as well repeat why. In any case, you could've guessed. After all, what purpose does a coat have but to shelter you from cold, that being first requirement having long arms and full bum coverage. But as far as fashion is involved, juxtaposition of things is trendy and in the case of a coat, downright edgy, so here we have an avant-garde yet impractical piece of clothing. 

Impracticality aside, the design is the uttermost reason why I bought it in the first place and I still like it to bits. It's also as great a conversation starter into fashion as a whole topic to discuss in this entry; an entry-way to talking inexplicable things for the love of fashion.

Anyway, as I was saying, here we are with the perfect weather - the closest we get to an actual Spring (but really, that's just me keeping my expectations in check because as my brother would put it, Macau is the place you get to experience all fours seasons in a span of 2 days to a week, give or take), no humid, the sun out, and cool breeze blowing. I took the very opportunity to wear the stupid coat out. It was enough to keep me warm but not too warm, and of course, looking polished in its impracticalness.

As it is when I find myself overly monochromatic, threw in a pop of colour to look less drab. My options are generally primary colours - RGB. Thankfully, I've managed to acquire the right amount of coloured basics to mix and match with throughout my journey to personal style discovery.

On life matters, well there's really nothing much going on. I know, I'm a little disappointed in myself too but my plans are materialising in a slower phase than expected. Not that I want to rush anything in that regard as I am in fact still enjoying my stressless state, rekindling old hobbies and all.

I've started reading once again - bought a set of books in Manila and decided to finally start collecting novels set in Paris as I've always wanted to for the love of the city. But this is an entirely different topic that can be discussed in another post so let's leave move on for now. I've also started playing piano (or the keyboard to put it correctly) am surprised that I my muscle memory is better than my actual memory of remembering notes and keys and reading sheets. Then there's my almost non-existent guitar skills that once played a key role to my adventurous adolescence. But I'm re-learning, and it feels great. 

My biggest concern and fear at the moment at this point is that this whole plan of resting, creating, and doing what I love all the while figuring out what to do with the rest of my life, a last attempt to taking that so-called leap of faith, is dragging on for too long that I'm losing grasp of its purpose. Sigh. But then it's also too soon to tell. I don't know. Perhaps amidst all these activities I'm trying to surround myself with, I'm still bored. My mind and body got so used to the routine of waking up each day with a never-ending work task list in mind to tick off that I somehow miss it. Not the entirety of it, but just a bit. But maybe I've also just been reading a bit too much novels lately that I'm carried away.

Let's end this post right now and keep it on a happy note, shall we? It's a beautiful Monday, after all. Don't want a bad start to the week.

Have a great one ahead, ya'll!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Amazon][Coat : H&M Studio][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios][Bag : MCM][Trousers : Zalia][Sneakers : Jordan]


  1. When I read the title I tryed to figure out what was wrong about this coat. And then I realized that it has no long sleeves. Hahaha. It is really fashionable and i like the cut so much. But short sleeves are really a mistake for a winter coat. It's great that you have started reading again. I hope you are doing well. Have a nice week!

  2. Love your outfit, great combo as well, seems comfy to wear. You look gorgeous, thank you for sharing.



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