Current Favourites + Taking Instagram OOTD Photos in Red Market

My current favourites are somewhat summed up in these photos taken all in one day so I thought I'd share even though I already posted these images in Instagram a couple of weeks back. I mean obviously because it's too darn hot nowadays for me still be donning these long-sleeved shirt. But let's get to the point.

Favourite number 1 - pink and green colour combination. It's one of those colours that will never go wrong put together except that I prefer a darker shade of green like the one on my shirt.

Favourite number 2 - mini handbags that I can wear like how my mom used to wear hers back in the 80s/90s. In fact, I'm planning to raid her bag closet and see if she still has some of her old ones that I can borrow (without permission so ya know what I mean). I mean, there's something so chic about it and no matter how "street" or boyish my outfit is, how I wear the bag just elevates the whole look to a new level.

Favourite number 3 - Hoop earrings. As if this isn't obvious by now having accessorised nearly all of my outfits with various kinds. I've been obsessed for a while and I don't see this obsession dying down anytime soon.

Favourite number 4 - Avocado shake. They're so hard to come by in Macau, understandably as avocados are kinda rare around here. So whenever I get the chance, coming across drink stalls or restaurants that offer avocado flavoured goodies, you bet I'd other that first thing.

Favourite number 5 - This pair of green One Star Converse. Despite how bold they look, they're really versatile and go with every thing in my closet. I guess that alone need not much explanation as to why I'm currently obsessed with them. See Instagram feed (@misscarlaviolet) for proof.

There we have my current favourites. 

Also, whoever said you can't take good outfit photos in the middle of a messy street or the wet market for that matter just didn't know how to take photos at all. The photos above were taken in red market, mind you, using just an iPhone, but it's one of my favourite photos on my Instagram. It's safe to say that Macau doesn't lack instagram-worthy spots as I used to not believe in but I take that back now. The more I get out there, the more I really appreciate this little city that I call home.

Anyway this is the end of another pointless post. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Photos by Pierre Elma taken with iPhone 8+

[Tee : Spao][Jeans : Pull & Bear][Bag : MCM][Sunnies : FF Studio][Sneakers : Converse]