Experiencing GOA NIGHTS | Foodie VLOG

If you know me personally, you'd know that I eat anything but most specially Indian food because Indian cuisine is one of my favourites. It has to do with the fact that while I was a high school student, I worked part time in an Indian restaurant and you know, if you had Indian food for dinner every single night, it's either you get too much of it or you simply just love it like like a good old home cooked meal that you mom would prepare for you, reminding you of your childhood. The latter part is my case so every time I have Indian food, it reminds me of my younger days (I'm old ok? But not that old).

Anyway, with my freelance writing work sometimes I get the perk of trying out new things like a good Spa treatment or a newly opened restaurant, and this is one of those nights. So Pierre and I went to the newly opened Goa Nights in Taipa Village to savour fusion Indian dishes and specialty cocktails. In between, we also got to meet the owners, who also happen to own one of my favourite Indian restaurants in Macau by the way - Indian Spice (Swear, when I was still working in the NAPE area, I would go there for lunch at least once a week!). I also interviewed the bar manager and well-known mixologist, Chetan Gangan, who designed the whole cocktail menu inspired by the voyage of Vasco da Gama from Portugal to India.

There's a ton of great things I can say about this establishment but I always prefer a visual representation so you can watch my VLOG below or in my youtube channel. One thing I can say about this place though, is that the food is worth the price and the vibe is so chill it's the perfect place for happy hour with friends on any given night.

If you find yourself in Macau, Taipa Villa in particular and are looking for a chill out spot then this is one for the books.