Favourite Instagram Photo Spots in Taipa Village

Do you remember my Instagram photo series called My City My Style? I won't blame you if you don't as even I have nearly forgotten about it. Anyway, I'm bringing it back and in fact, I've created that as one permanent section under the lifestyle category of this blog because I take photos of my outfits using my phone nearly every single day but only my Instagram viewers get to see them if not on my feed then very shortly though my stories. But that's not the main point. I take photos not only because I like my outfit and I want to showcase it, but most of the time I take photos also because there's a lot of pretty little corners around here or so I discover her and there that, even as a local, still surprises and manage to amaze me. I want to share with you guys the beauty that I see around me and hopefully you guys see it too so if you're in Macau or ever come to Macau, I hope that you'll have some ideas of where to go or what to do here through the photos that I share. There's really more to Macau than all the casinos we're known for so really, this is just me trying to share with you guys the other part.

So let's begin again.

1. Roti Art Wall (right across A Petisqueira)
I don't remember the name of this place but it's actually a roti store just right across the Portuguese restaurant called A Petisquiera. I love street art so I'd take photos in front of them any day. This one's easy to locate if you ever come to Macau and want to take a photo in front of this wall since A Petisquiera is always in all Macau guidebooks. Just look for that address and you'll definitely find this colourful wall.

So this little expresso bar is one of those that made rooftops a cool chill out spot. Their rooftop is seriously aesthetically pleasing not just in photos but in real life. I've only been there a couple of times but can't get enough of the decors. And of course, their coffee! Don't take my word for it, just come out here and try for yourself!

Yep, this one's just called the rooftop and it's another cafe like the first. I like it for the same reasons I mentioned above. They're not the same however in terms of design and aesthetics. Whereas Quarter Square is more minimal in with it's colour scheme and it's overall appearance, the Rooftop is more rustic with its wooden floors and furnitures. But personally, no harm or beef intended, I prefer the coffee over at Quarter Square. Then again, that could just be me.

By the way, I met this really cute and sweet coffee enthusiast by the name of Hazel. We found each other on Instagram and decided to meet. With coffee being her thing, of course where else would we meet but in a cafe?

4. 3 Monkeys (Closed)
This is another cafe or concept store of sorts. I never really got to check it out because it moved to another location that I haven't found out where yet. But the place still remains the same as I originally stumbled upon it with its grey cemented walls and plants. I still go there to take outfit photos because I just love how it looks from the outside.

4. Pastel Walls and Doors
Like a true European city, or at least at one point, it won't be complete without pastel coloured walls and doors. I'm a sucker for those so that's probably why Taipa Village is my go to spot for taking photos here in Macau; there's plenty of pastel walls and doors there! But I took a particular liking for this one because I really like the combination of blue and yellow. I'm sure you'll stumble upon this if you gladly walk along the narrow alleys of the village.

So, these are my picks at the moment. I'm pretty sure I'll encounter more cute corners around here and when I do, I'll make sure to share with you guys so if you ever come to this city, then you know what to do!

P.S. If you're in the city, drop me a note, let's hang!


  1. So amazing places for taking pictures!! I love roof tops and colourful places. And grey walls are so useful too. Have a nice day!

  2. enjoy reading ur post

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    Mrs. Aa


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