Styling Cords and Denims for Spring Feat. Dr. Denim | Lookbook VIDEO

Styling Denims and Corduroy for Spring Feat. Dr. Denim

 So Dr. Denim sent over a couple of items from their Spring Collection for me to style and I'm so thrilled that they came just in time for the so-called Spring in Macau. The weather has started to get warmer and natural light is abundant, it's almost always too perfect a weather these days, the ultimate time to wear pastels and those are exactly the colour I got from the collection. In corduroy, no less.

My excitement resulted into a lookbook video of sorts, and these purposely blurry images where I styled the pieces that I got: 

I had imagined doing the video with a retro vibe because corduroy just screams retro while denim in general is timeless. I thought this fire exit door on the third floor of our building was the perfect background because it's old and quite dirty, and I liked that the Chinese characters on the doors gave it a kind of old Hong Kong vibe. No, I don't live in Hong Kong in case you're new here, but it's just the best way to describe how I felt about this setting because if I say it's a kind of Macau vibe, it wouldn't really make sense to those who are not familiar with Macau, which is 90% of the world. Kidding. Not a fact, but I'm guessing it's close anyway.

Styling Denims and Corduroy for Spring Feat. Dr. Denim

Styling Denims and Corduroy for Spring Feat. Dr. Denim

For the lookbook video, I thought it wouldn't be a lookbook if I only styled 2 pieces so I decided to bring out the other items that Dr. Denim sent over to me last year, and include them in. It still makes perfect since given that jeans are timeless and you can wear them any season so, really, I can style my Dr. Denim denims in any or even all of my lookbook videos any give day.

But for this post, obviously I didn't care to include them so you'll just have to watch the video if you'd like to see how I styled all of the items. Head to my youtube channel or scroll to the end of this post to watch.

Styling Denims and Corduroy for Spring Feat. Dr. Denim

 Anyway, that's it for today's post. Just another shameless self-plug of my youtube channel which you're probably already tired of. But I'm having so much fun creating videos since I really focused on growing youtube so I guess you'll just have to bear with me. Love ya'll!

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