Colour Blocking at the Palace of Fine Arts

I'll be honest with you guys, I didn't bring the right clothes to San Francisco. Mind you, I did check the forecast before coming here and made sure I brought jackets with me. But damn, the weather is much more bipolar than when I'm on my period. It's sunny, they say; 16 to 18 degrees celsius. Well guess what, temperature dropped and it's hella cold out here. So don't be fooled by these images thinking that I'm all warm and cozy. I was freezing my ass of taking these shots (insert LOL emoji). But, I'm not complaining.

These were taken at the Palace of Fine Arts on one afternoon stroll around the city. A place that lives up to its name having such grand pillars and this majestic dome that it feels like we're not in America but somewhere in Europe. It makes for a perfect photo backdrop and it's no wonder that there's so many people doing photoshoots as we witnessed when we were there; for graduation, for prom, for weddings. If you're one for taking photos and you ever come to San Francisco, I recommend paying this place a visit.

On another note, I'm having the best time off out here. It's perhaps the best decision that I've made this year, next to quitting my job. I'm all about figuring things out this year and really just taking that leap of fate, following what my heart tells me despite the unknown (and financial status, really) but what do kids say these days? Just YOLO it? So yes, I'm just YOLO-ing it right now. And it feels good. I think at one point in our lives we all need to take a long ass break and really just do what feels right at that very moment without thinking too much about anything. It's all for you, anyway. I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed and carefree in my entire adult life that now. A few weeks more and I'm ready to go back to the reality of being an adult but for now, I'm going to continue enjoying the rest of my time off.


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Trousers : Zara][Jacket : Market A][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios][Bag : Fendi][Sneakers : CDG Play x Converse][Top : Lash]


  1. Love all these pictures! Who could have thought red and yellow would look so good together!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!


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