Female Revolutionary Inspired Layers

I just wanted to wear a little dress on this particular, hot, humid day but didn't want to show too much skin so I thought to wear a tee underneath. I didn't expect that my outfit would turn out to look like I came out of a revolution trying to overthrow a government or something in sexy way (at least in the words from my Instagram friend @bitchhcraftt). Perhaps it's the colour of this dress and the addition of this beret, plus the lettering on my tee, combined altogether. But hey, I'm taking that description anyway because it sounds badass!

On another note, exciting things are happening this weekend! Besides it being my last weekend in Macau before Penguin and I take off to seek new adventures, I'll be spending the weekend at City of Dreams with Duty Free Shops (DFS) for the launch of travel-retail exclusive "Galaxy Sneakers" by Bally for DFSThis is something I'm excited to attend because you know how I love sneakers. So there's a cocktail gala plus dinner and all the exciting things in between plus of course, it's a good excuse for a staycation so... (insert smiley emoji with heart eyes). Anyway, as you well expect, I'll be documenting and will report right back with visuals and a video recap (like I did at the DFS Masters of Time) so stay tuned for that. 

Then after DFS, I'll be shooting with a good friend for a collaborative campaign so another exciting thing to experience. I'm just amused by how all these things come up all at the same time and the few days right before we travel.

On that note, I had to pack my luggages early because I won't have time to do much on the weekend, which speaking of, I actually filmed a "pack with me" video and is now up on my channel so if you'd like to see my travel packing routine plus most of the items that I'm bringing then click on right here to watch the video!

Ok hunneys, talk again soon!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Dress : Tobi][Sneakers : Fenty x Puma][Bag : Stylenanda][Hat : Militage][Tee : Cheap Monday]


  1. great look, as always

    Mrs. Aa

  2. What I love the most about all your pictures on the blog is the confidence you have!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!


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