5Preview x Michael Cheung Collaboration Campaign

A short break from all the travel posts to share with you guys this project that I did with Michael Cheung for 5Preview! This is a project that we've been planning for a while and I'm so happy that we were finally able to execute it before I left for the US.

Michael's got a keen eye for underrated but really dope brands and is really passionate about promoting them. I came to love the idea of doing a campaign for 5Preview for various reasons. For the most part, I like their products - practical, versatile, contemporary pieces that I would personally buy and wear. I also appreciate smaller brands that have and stick to their own aesthetic. 5Preview is one of those brands that are not trying too hard but really just doing their own thing, keeping true to its Swedish roots. So far it's done well from doing a 5-piece collection of graphic tees in 2008, to a 200-piece collection of women's wear, menswear, children's wear, and accessories sold over 30 countries worldwide.

For this campaign, I picked out my favourite pieces from 5Preview's SS18 collection and styled with pieces from my own wardrobe. For full details on the pieces I'm wearing, head over to 5Preview's website here.

Coming up with the concept, Michael and I just wanted something really simple: muted colours and elevated basics styled in ways that I would wear on a daily basis. And since the shoot was in Macau, we wanted to show the lesser known though well-kept, charming parts of Macau. Well, lesser known is debatable because these photos were taken in Taipa Village, one of the most tourist populated areas in Taipa. Most people who've been to Macau would recognise this as "Rua do Cunha" but really, that's the name of the main street where the tourist shops are. The smaller alleys branching out of Rua do Cunha are less crowded and that's where the charming parts really are.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this campaign and if you're into contemporary fashion, do check out 5Preview's website and Instagram @5Preview_official. Also, check out the brain behind this project, PR, stylist, and photographer, Michael Cheung and follow him on Instagram @themcheung!


Photos by Michael Cheung