Downtown Los Angeles Rush

Phew, you guys. I didn't realise just how time consuming this TV production gig is taking off of my hands. I haven't really been able to do much these days because on the days the I'm not on duty, I'm just dead tired and in bed all day. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, I'm having a bit of fun on set; constantly meeting new people who come from different backgrounds everyday. But that's not what today's update is all about so let's move on the topic at hand.

LA. Again and again and again. I bet by this time ya'll are already sick of the LA contents. But that ain't stopping me anyway. I mean, come on, we were in America for a month and 80% of the time was all about creating content so what can you expect if I had 24 days of non-stop shooting and filming? A backlog of raw materials ready to be post-processed, of course. Thousands of images and whatnot.

These were essentially from the days we roamed around the streets downtown LA. Quite frankly, I did not expect downtown to be a business district (or at least that's how it felt like), with all the tall commercial buildings. I thought it would be more, you know, downtown-like. But there are certain areas that stood out and I really fancied, like the central market where we had lunch twice and both times it was packed. But there's plenty of options to choose from, from traditional Mexican food to fusion Filipino cuisine, I'm sure there's something for everyone.

There's the Row, of course - a very trendy and Instagram-worthy spot. This is where a lot of LA's local boutiques, upcoming designers and artists showcase their work, and a few notable streetwear stores are. One of them woould be Bodega which, as the name suggests, is like a bodega. You won't believe it's a legit store until you get inside. It's amazing!

 Then there's the Last Bookstore which I wrote about on a separate post. And then of course the Broad. It's funny because I always skip museums whenever I travel (including the Louvre which I badly regret but that will always be one of the many reasons to go back to Paris), but Instagram made me do it this time what with all the photos of art installations I've been seeing from people I follow on the app so... what the hell, why not?

Here are a few other things we did or went to, which I gladly recommend for you to do as well if you ever visit DTLA:

Grammy Museum - for musically incline people or anyone who just loves music in general, this is a great place to visit. Besides the usual display of historically symbolic items in the music industry, there's also the Roland Live! where you can experience how a music is produced in studio.

STAPLES Center - if you're into sports, particularly basketball, hockey, or baseball, then this is worth a visit, just to take photos and whatnot. But also, make sure to check out the merchandise store for your favourite athlete or teams' memorabilia.

Walt Disney Concert Hall - besides watching a play or show in the hall, you might want to check out this place just because the architecture is incredible. The stairs leading to the rooftop makes for a perfect photo background and that's exactly what I came for.

I'd gladly write more but I'm afraid I'm out of time as I need to get ready for work today. Promise, there's be more coming up. For now, I leave you with these images along with this VLOG below which was taken the day we explored the trendy part of West Hollywood (Melrose, Fairfax, and La Brea). You can read about it too in this post but if you'd rather watch the video, by all means here it is. Enjoy!


Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly