Venice Beach Summer Paradise

Ah, Venice. What can I say that might make me change my feelings towards you even just the slightest? I don't think any of our photos does the beauty of it justice, albeit its charm is not for everyone. A beautiful chaos, if you will.

Venice is what I've always imagined lifestyle in Los Angeles is. Forever blessed with sun rays and blue skies glaring upon rows and rows of palm trees while people bask underneath. Those who care to prance around does it so clad in board shorts or bikinis, cruising along the beach side bike lanes all day long. Meanwhile, a melting pot of street cultures brews along the boardwalk where artists of all kind have each claimed a spot for a stage. 

Upon entering the walk from one end, hippies gladly welcome on-goers with crafts sold as souvenirs like dreamcatchers, woodwork, and paintings, served with a side of secondhand smoke of weed. You're welcome to take a hit or two, too. A giant roll is on display (I mean it literally) next to three elderly men still in on the 70s hipster lifestyle, jams with a guitar and a kind of bongo.

On the other end by the square, breakdancers have taken a spot attracting an audience with their loud music as they put on a show. One has taken the role of emcee, announcing each act as watchers cheered and snapped photos. Curious by-passers would of course stop for a minute and soon a huge crowd has formed.

Beyond the boardwalk towards the beach, skaters of all age category and gender roam the biggest skate ramp I've seen in my life. A little girl no older than 7 puts me to shame with how hard she rolls in her little skateboard, down the ramp then back up and all over again. She's just one of the few other kids skating among big boys and girls. Seeing it made me regret not ever learning how to ride a skateboard, really. But if there's one thing I can relate to is their clothes. Oh my love for streetwear. But of course, the skate culture is where it all began after all, isn't it?

 A little further to its left is a basketball court where a game is currently, and perhaps constantly, ongoing. This must be muscle beach, Penguin says to me. I haven't heard of this term before but looking around as we reached what seems to be the centre of the boardwalk, I realise we're in the middle of what seems to be an open-air gym. Immediately, I felt insecure seeing all the muscular men around, lifting weights, working out and all.

Moving ahead, I decided we should find a spot and sit underneath the palm trees. By the graffiti walls, we laid our towels and relaxed for a bit as I watched two artists spray-painting a masterpiece. Atop the wall, two pre-teen boys were practising parkour, running from one end to the other, ending with front or backflip to the ground, while a third-person films the activity. All this while I think to myself and let it all sink in.

So there we were, in the middle of the day on a Saturday, and life couldn't be any more perfect. Why can't it always just be weekends in Venice beach? Well, sadly, I know the answer to that.

I wish I can describe to ya'll my whole experience in Venice beach exactly as I felt it but I can't think of the right words. Hopefully, the images help and then again, the clips we shot into a little video mixtape below. But as I said in the end, hat best way for you to feel Venice than to go there and experience everything for yourself.

For now, I have to leave you here as I get ready for work. If you must know, I've landed a freelance work in a TV production while I wait for a full-time one. Nothing fancy but things coming together slowly, work-wise, so I'm a little giddy. But let's not get ahead of ourselves as I don't want to jinx it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hunneys!


Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly


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